November 15, 2022

Project types:

  2. HORIZON-TMA-MSCA-DN-ID HORIZON TMA MSCA Doctoral Networks - Industrial Doctorates
  3. HORIZON-TMA-MSCA-DN-JD HORIZON TMA MSCA Doctoral Networks - Joint Doctorates

Project Proposal

The call HORIZON-MSCA-2022-DN-01-01 has been scheduled to close, so this opportunity is no longer current.

Diversity and internationalisation training for your MSCA DN fellows

Bringing together a big cohort of PhDs as in a MSCA DN provides great opportunities for the PhD candidates and their career development. Working with the group you can help set the tone for the research collaboration and their individual development, enabling the growth of the next generation of researchers.

The rewards of bringing researchers together in collaborations are significant but it also comes with a challenge: To produce the best research and culture, you need to make large groups of very diverse junior (and senior) researchers work together, navigating across national cultures, age, gender, race, sexuality etc. At DIVERSIunity we can help make it work and support you develop training that helps the cohort collaborate and enables the participants to develop the tools to demonstrate leadership in dealing with diversity in their future careers.

We tailor the training to the specific project. We take account of the differences in culture and protected characteristics in the consortium into account, but we can also look at the relevant diversity dimensions in the research itself. In that way we support the project itself and add to the transferable skills of the PhDs in a field that increasingly has the attention of the EU Commission as well as other research funders.

We work with you to provide your researchers with:
- Intercultural skills to enhance collaboration within the institution, project and group.
- Knowledge of the value of diversity and how to work with diversity and internationalisation in collaborations and in research.
- Obtaining transferable skills they can use no matter their future career path.

Our training consists of:
- Introductory workshops (3-4 hours) where the participants are introduced to diversity, cultural intelligence, and important parameters to pay attention to when working internationally. The workshop format allows us to work in depth with the participants, their cultural backgrounds, and within the context of the specific project or institution.
- Follow-up (1-2 hours online) approx. six months later where we develop the topics further, drawing on their experiences to date.
- Workshop (2-3 hours) approx. after a year where we focus on developing individual leadership in relation to diversity and international collaborations as they have to start considering their individual research profile and future career path.
- Follow-up (1-2 hours online) six months later, where we explore further their aspirations and plans around personal leadership and how the skills they have acquired in diversity and intercultural collaboration can be integrated in their work and future career plans and leadership.

The price for the training and support package described above is 6.000 Euro.

We can of course tailor this to your needs (fx more or less follow-ups, combine with a workshop at a project kick-off meeting (or similar) for all participants if part of the MSCA DN, a short online session preparing them for their secondments, consultancy during the project etc.

If you have questions on how we can support your junior researchers or if you’d like to discuss a tailored offer, please contact Jakob Feldtfos Christensen at [email protected]. You can also learn more at

At DIVERSIunity our aim is to make diversity and internationalisation work in research and research management, and we believe that scientific excellence begins with thriving researchers. We deliver analysis, workshops, and consultancy.