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Crowdhelix is open to applications from any organisation, of any size, anywhere in the world, that can demonstrate a strategic commitment to collaborative research and innovation.

The European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme has an €80 billion budget that funds thousands of collaborative research and innovation projects worldwide. Crowdhelix connects a group of leading research institutions and innovating companies around the world, so that together they can plan and deliver pioneering Horizon 2020 projects.

Together our network has secured €5.37 billion of Horizon 2020 funding, to deliver 9,323 collaborative international projects.

Over €8 billion of Horizon 2020 funding still remains to be awarded before December 2020, after which the proposed €84.9 billion successor programme “Horizon Europe” will commence.

Researchers & Innovators

Crowdhelix hosts an active user community of over 4820 research & innovation professionals

Collaboration Intelligence

Users post collaboration opportunities, target funding, & receive recommendations based on their expertise

The Crowdhelix Network

The network promotes collaboration between 451 leading institutions & innovating companies worldwide

The Helixes

We currently host 27 active "Helixes", which are international communities of researchers and innovators collaborating on a particular topic


Cross-cutting topics, general collaboration opportunities & network announcements


Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA), circularity & cross-Atlantic collaboration

Circular Plastics

Sustainable plastic value chains, circular economy, renewably-sourced plastics, recycling & end of life valorisation


Climate change, sustainable resource management, ecosystem monitoring & protection


Multidisciplinary research & innovation supporting global efforts to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic


Secure systems, services & components. Cryptography, data protection & privacy


ICT components & systems. Big Data, cloud computing & the Future Internet


Energy efficiency, low carbon technologies, smart grids & alternative fuels


Opportunities to review grant proposals, deliver training & provide consultancy


Agriculture & aquaculture, food security and safety, bio-based products & functional foods.


Personalised care & healthy ageing. Disease prevention, detection, treatment & management

Healthy Cities

Visionary nature based solutions for human centered cities. Sustainable transition to smart & future cities


Advanced production & process technologies, factories of the future

Maritime & Marine

Safe & sustainable maritime transport, blue growth, ocean research, marine renewable energy, coastal tourism, marine archaeology


Nanotechnologies, advanced materials (including graphene) & biotechnologies

Open Science

Open science principles & practices, innovation & entrepreneurship, fostering change within institutions, communities & worldwide


Quantum technologies including computing, communications, metrology, and cryptography


Combating crime & terrorism, forensics, screening & border security

Smart Cities

People-centred smart cities, security/privacy, impact assessment & open urban innovation


Inclusion, diversity, citizen engagement & disaster resilience

Solar Energy

Flexible solutions for Solar Heat & Cooling. High temperature & energy storage for decarbonisation of the sector


Satellite systems, earth observation, space technologies & infrastructure


International paths of professional development & talent acceleration for researchers


Smart, green & integrated transport. Mobility for growth & automated road transport


Science aimed at the smallest of the blood vessels; the capillaries. Focused on imaging, function & importance for disease

Virtual Reality

VR environment & gaming, medical rehabilitation, socialisation & recovery, customised controllers


Water for our environment, economy & society. Technological innovation & nature-based solutions